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Whether you are a first time buyer, remortgaging or looking to move to your next home, one thing always applies – you want independent mortgage advice and the best mortgage deal possible!

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When there are over 100 lenders and 1,000’s of different mortgage schemes to choose from and the best mortgage deals change daily it can seem an onerous task. Our mortgage advisers will explain the differences between the various types of mortgage schemes that are available to you and what would best suit you going forward so that you can make an informed choice.

We are always careful to ensure that you don’t apply for mortgage schemes for which you are not eligible or that carry onerous fees - often the headline ‘special mortgage rates’ advertised by the Lenders can have hidden fees or costs  which may mean they are actually quite expensive! Throughout the process our mortgage brokers will work on your behalf to ensure that your pocket and your credit profile is protected at all times. Our transparent service and ability to put mortgage jargon into plain language will ensure that you know what is going on every step of the way.

Typical mortgage products are as follows:

Fixed rate mortgage – where your monthly mortgage payment will remain the same for a defined period of time, normally 2,3,5 or 10 years. This is good for those that like stable mortgage payments.

Tracker rate mortgage – this will follow the Bank Of England rate, so every time the Bank of England rate goes up or down so will your monthly mortgage payment.

Variable rate mortgage – this is what most people find themselves on when a previous fixed or tracker mortgage rate has finished. It’s the rate the lender puts you on if you don’t change your mortgage after the preferential mortgage rate has expired and can change at any time. If you are on this you should check to see if there are cheaper mortgage rates available.

Other special schemes include the following:

Offset mortgages – this is where you have a separate mortgage account and any money saved in the second account reduces the mortgage balance and lowers mortgage payments. Often the money saved in this second mortgage account can be taken back out at will. This is good for those that have savings, a large disposable income or would like to pay off large lumps of money off the mortgage but don’t want to incur penalties.

To see what the best rates are today check out Today's Best Deals or have a look at our Mortgage Calculator .  If you would like to speak to a Mortgage Adviser please contact us or call 01903 372032.


We normally charge a fee for mortgage advice, however this will be dependent on your circumstances.  There is no fee for an initial consultation and any fee payable will be explained in full prior to application.

To understand the features and risks please ask for a personalised illustration.

Some of the above products and services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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